Reusable bag sealing clips, sealers, closures, grippers and scoops


WeLoc bag sealing clips make a great promotional idea for your brand. They can reclose almost anything - from breakfast cereals to frozen foods, loaves of bread and packets of snacks, even sacks of pet food!

In fact, the list of applications is endless and so too is the promotional opportunity. This is a truly innovative promotional solution that is sure to be in use every day, acting as a permanent reminder of any famous brand.

For low cost promotional solutions, choose WeLoc PP clips, manufactured in Sweden from food grade polypropylene. These can be supplied bulk, plain or printed in up to 4 colours on one side. Subject to quantity for larger orders, some models can even be embossed with your brand name or logo.

For a premium promotion, WeLoc PA clips are the perfect solution. Choose from a wider range of standard sizes and colours, with printing available on both sides of the clip and in up to 4 colours.

For a truly unique idea, why not try a WeLoc Scoop? Simply add a spoon or scoop attachment to selected models, so that your customers can both measure and seal!

Unlike cheap imported copies, you can choose a quality WeLoc clip with confidence. Recycled materials will be sourced when available and you can be sure only high quality 'food grade' plastic products are used.

For your quality assurance, WeLoc products have been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 & 14001.

WeLoc clips conform to European and FDA standards for Articles In Contact with Food legislation, all standard colours are certified free from cadmium and lead.

For advice on WeLoc clips in the UK, call 01892 663 212 or contact us by email via or visit for more info.
Reusable bag sealing clips to promote your brand
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